Te Reo Māori – tolerant language

My favourite language is te reo Māori. I am talking about it a lot. I also like finding things in this language that make it so unique for me. Of course, I understand that some features are typical for other Austronesian languages, but te reo is the first one that I learn, so everything is new for me. There is another thing that I really like about te reo Māori.

I think that this is a very tolerant language. There is only one word for “he” and “she” – it is “ia”. I think that any gender questions just become irrelevant. Everyone is “ia”.

We someone speaks English as a second or third (etc.) language, they often mix the pronouns: This is Jessica. He is a nice person”. It is more common, than one can imagine. There is no issue like this is Māori.

I don’t get tired of repeating, how much I like this language 🙂