PG2020,  Polyglot

Polyglot Gathering Diary: Preparation

The Polyglot Gathering this year is going to be online. This is a new experience, but it should be fun.

At first, I thought that my participation will be limited to only participation. 😀 I mean that I doubted that I will be able to organise the evening program and my speech, which was selected for the physical version of the event, requires interaction with the audience. So, I was accepting the fact that I will be just a regular participant this year.

But in no time, I have received an email that I could do another talk for the online version. And this is where the “madness” started. So, I was planning to give a speech. Nothing unusual, but we’ve been considered to still do the karaoke, but the copyright issue etc. somehow, I ended up by co-hosting the Polyglot Quiz show! And Polyglots Have Got Talent. and at some point.. I was preparing a presentation for Quenya crash-course!

It is not like, I’m complaining. It is completely the opposite. This is my favorite part of the Gathering – to contribute to it as much as possible! 🙂

This is how my language badge looks like this year: