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Quenya crash course

This year, I am going to give a crash course on Quenya. I am pretty excited! it is a huge challenge, especially that the audience is going to consist of polyglots. Nevertheless, I am trying to do my best to attract people to this mysterious language. Wish me luck 🙂

A description of the course

Quenya is a romantic and mysterious language, mainly spoken by elves from the Lord of the Ring. It is one of the most highly developed languages J.R.R. Tolkien ever made. If you want to understand, what do Arwen and Aragorn talk about; If you want to sing along with the King at the end of the trilogy; or if you are a serious conlang learner, this workshop is right for you! You will learn some basic phrases and grammar, you will get a general idea, why this language is so amazing, and will find out, how to continue learning Quenya.

I will post my presentation slides after the Gathering.