PG2020,  Polyglot

Public Speaking for Language learning

This was my old idea to make a speech on this topic. So, this year, I have a chance to make it come true 🙂 This will happen during my favorite Polyglot Gathering, which will be hold online.

A short description on it will be about

Public speaking requires a lot of efforts. The speech in a foreign language could cause even more stress, especially for an inexperienced speaker. I have learned how to make this stress work for me. I overcame the fear and learned Polish by attending a public speaking club. I will reveal to you, how exactly did I use my public speaking experience to learn Polish and how my tips can be applied to any other language. You will learn how to start, how to progress and how to accomplish your language learning goal by public speaking. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, come, join and learn!

I will post my presentation slides after the Gathering.