Crash course

Crash course rush

During the quarantine, my polyglot friends decided to meet every two weeks online. These meetings were interesting from the beginning. However, with time, we have decided to add some more fun to them and to do crash courses of different languages. We have had Kazakh and Indonesian so far. The next are going to be Navajo and Pirahã. I am really excited!

Additionally, during the polyglot Gathering, there were a few crash courses, one of them was held by me 🙂 So, I am going also to put here some interesting information about them.

I know that crash course does not allow to learn the language completely. That would be silly to assume so. Nevertheless, it allows to get familiar with the language and maybe to choose it to learn further. That is why, I like crash courses so much.

Don’t get this too serious, but if you learn how to say “Hi. How are you?” on the new language, in some sense, you can already speak it (even if you can say only a few sentences). So, language learning and fun. Could there be any better combination? 🙂