Crash course

Қазақ тілі. Crash course #1.2020

Қош келдіңіз!

The first crash course that we had during the polyglot meetings, was devoted to Kazakh language. It is spoken by 22 mln people, has three dialects and uses three writing systems: Arabic, Cyrillic and Latin. This is unusual. The more I try to find out about different languages, the more I am getting impressed. Anyway, we have learned a few phrases, so I can say a few words about myself now:

Менің атым Марта. Мен Украинаданмын. Жасым отызде. Мен украинша, полякша, немісше, ағылшынша, орысша сөйлеймін.
Сау болыңыз.

What else would you need from the language crash course? The most important to get basics of the language – done!

I don’t think, I would start learning Kazakh in the nearest future, but it has some similarities to Turkish, so this is something that I like. So, everything is possible 🙂

Көп рақмет!