First movie in Portuguese

Today, I decided to risk and to watch a movie in Portuguese. My choice fall on Megarromântico (Isn’t It Romantic) because I watched it a few days earlier and I found it funny. Additionally, there was Brazilian Portuguese version on Netflix. This movie is really funny. It is a romantic comedy, which is a parody on the other romantic comedies.

This experience was really funny. I did not understand much, only based on the context. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and I still like how the language sounds 🙂 Additionally, I can easily understand words, among the others: “Olá”, “você”, “amor”, “Sim” and “Obrigado/a”. What else do I need after one week of learning, right?! 😀

Even though, I found this experience exciting, I think that I should stop watching whole movies until I will be able to define more words from what they say. Meanwhile, I will continue learning words and grammar. Maybe, I will switch to Youtube videos, which are shorter and by regulating speed, I will be able to do some listening excercises.

To be continued…